Fae's Ascent (Clover Book 2)

Nicole Kilpatrick
Narrator: Cassandra Alling

FANTASY: The Seelie and Unseelie armies are on the verge of war, and Clover is the only one that might be able to stop it. When an unexpected assassination of a political prisoner takes place, the wheels are set into motion and she must scramble to put all of the pieces together before time runs out. There are so many secrets uncovered, and Clover must decide if they’re all true as loyalties and alliances are tested. In the end, she has a choice to make: break her heart and save the world, or hold onto her love and watch it burn.

Fast, fun, and full of magic, Ms. Kilpatrick has created a vivid fantasy realm that takes readers on a crazy adventure! “Fae’s Ascent” is the second book in the Clover series, and while there is a well done recap of events, readers will get a fuller experience after reading book one. Clover is the main character of the book, but there are a lot of other side characters to keep up with. As the journey plays out, Clover slowly starts to become more secondary to the story as more characters take over scene time. There is romance, but the couple is tragically tested with distance for a great deal of the book. Chapters jump from adventure to adventure, keeping the story moving at a fast pace. Sometimes this can be a little jarring, especially in an audio format. Overall, it’s a creative romp that will leave readers guessing!

Ms. Alling does an incredible job in this production! She does some amazing accents for several different characters. Despite the large cast, she’s able to give each character a distinct voice, whether it be through tone, pitch, or cadence. The pacing flows fairly nicely. Every so often, the breaks between scenes aren’t quite long enough which can cause confusion. A solid performance and production, overall!

This is a great read/listen for lovers of YA fantasy and romance!

Chelsea Andersen