Ever Alice

H. J. Ramsay
Narrator: Caroline Holms

At fifteen-years-old, Alice finds herself in an asylum because no one will believe her when she talks of her adventures in Wonderland. Desperate to leave, she agrees to an experimental procedure that the doctors think will cure her of her “delusions”. At the last minute, she gets cold feet and flees the asylum with the help of the White Rabbit. Coming back to Wonderland isn’t exactly a trade up, however, when she’s given the assignment to take out the Queen of Hearts.

“Ever Alice” is an intriguing and dark reimagining mixed with “what if?” H. J. Ramsay does a fantastic job coming up with a unique story that picks up from where “Alice in Wonderland” leaves off. While full of its own twists and turns, it also stays true to the original work it is derived from. The tale does have a great many darker elements in the story, such as graphic violence. The characters in the story are hit and miss. Some are fantastically real while others feel more flat, and there are plenty of characters to keep track of, much like in the original story. This can make the book a little slow in sections. Overall, it’s an exciting adventure with an ending no one will see coming!

Ms. Holms has a whimsical voice that helps set the mood and really brings the world of Wonderland to life! Through her mesmerizing performance, readers will be dropped into the story and have a hard time wanting to come out. She keeps great pace, and her characters are lively and distinctly portrayed!

Overall, this is a great book for lovers of fantasy adventures with a touch of romance.

Chelsea Andersen