The Enigma Wraith (Book 4 of The Enigma Series)

Breakfield and

TECHNO THRILLER:  When multiple computer systems around the world are infected with something called “The Ghost Code”, chaos ensues as an unknown hacker gains control over their systems. Created by the mysterious Mephisto and Callisto, the code is almost impossible to trace or remove. 

Enter the R-Group: Jacob, Petra, and Quip. They are tasked with finding the cyber pirates and ending their scheme before the entire world’s technology infrastructure is taken hostage.

“The Enigma Wraith” is a technological thriller with a huge cast of characters to keep up with. Each has his or her own story and is easy for the listener to connect to. Through all of the ups and downs, these characters are people the listener will really root for. One will laugh with them, cry with them, and cheer for them as they work toward not only trying to save the world, but also finding love in a seemingly hopeless situation. There are moments where the pacing of the story can be a bit slow or confusing. The authors do their best to explain a lot of the technology mentioned in the book, but it can be difficult to understand all the same for those not familiar with tech speak or the other books in the series.

Derek Shoales’ has an energetic performance that helps push through those slower moments of the book. His accents are on point for the region where the characters are from. Every so often, a few of the female characters especially, started to blur together a bit. Most of them were not in a scene together, but when they were, it could be hard to track the conversation.

This is a book full of adventure and highly recommended for those who like ensemble casts mixed with intrigue. It’s a great summer listen!

Chelsea Anderson