The Enigma Threat

Charles V. Breakfield and Rox Burkey
Narrator: Derek Shoales

The latest installment in this series is relevant to the current turmoil surrounding deepfake videos and cyberterrorism. The R-Group’s supercomputer, ICABOD, is destroyed at the start of this audiobook by the CESPOOL organization, because privately-owned supercomputers are illegal. Quip is arrested and taken to jail, where he discovers friends who are willing to help him escape, making them fugitives. Quip ends up in the Chihuahuan Desert with Jacob, and the stress and separation from their families is tearing at them. Meanwhile, MAG group is gaining power and control on the Dark Web, and leading the charge against other supercomputers that may be able to stop them. There are multiple characters playing pivotal parts in various locations across the globe, and tracking them is fascinating!

The pacing is spot-on and keeps readers engaged in this fascinating story. There is lighthearted banter at times, balanced by serious threats to members of the R-Group and CATS. There is a lot of technology presented here, but it is balanced beautifully with human emotions and struggles of the various characters. There is some heartache, but redemption and hope are also apparent. The authors make this story very relevant to today, while setting it in the near future. While the theme of AI taking over the world is not new, the authors make this feel like an original concept. The ending will leave readers smiling!

Derek Shoales is a master at narrating this series. Each character has a unique and distinguishable voice, and there are no noticeable mistakes or extraneous noises in the recording. The sound quality is excellent, and the narration is delightful to hear. The transitions between locales, characters, and chapters are seamless. This audiobook was an aural treat from start to finish! The overall premise of this audiobook is chilling, and Derek Shoales conveys that to perfection.

Carey Sullivan