The Enigma Stolen (Book 5 of The Enigma Series)

Breakfield and

SUSPENSE/TECHNO THRILLER:  When a group of unknown power-hungry chaos-mongers decides to manipulate the stock market to the point of creating global economic destruction, the R-Group is assigned the task of finding them. But the R-Group may have met their match, as the unknown schemers are just as good—if not better—at finding information as they are. If the R-Group can’t locate this cyber threat, then the future of the world will forever be controlled by a select few individuals.

“The Enigma Stolen” picks up right where the fourth book left off. In this installment, the action is less intense, but the character development and plot lines are stronger. Listeners will be even more invested in what is to become of this truly loveable collection of characters that make up the R-Group. As a technological thriller, the book opens up a plethora of questions about where the world could be heading in a way that is frightening, and those “what ifs” are what amp up the suspense. “The Enigma Stolen” is a smart, fast-paced, adventure. The Enigma Series as a whole is well worth investing in.

Mr. Shoales’ performance is once again strong and energetic with a number of great vocal intonations to keep the characters diverse and believable. The effort put in to make sure each character’s regional dialect is delivered right does not go unnoticed. He has a true talent for voice acting that really makes the audiobook come to life.  His gift has grown between this book and the last.

Chelsea Anderson