The Enigma Source (Book 10 of the Enigma Series)

Breakfield and

TECHNO THRILLER:  In a world that relies highly on digital technology, moving to a digital currency is simply the next step.  With new technology ideas and plans comes the race to be the company who provides the code for the world.  With many impostors hiding on the dark net, it is up to the R-Group to help guide everyone in the right direction.  With a whole slew of new and returning characters, all in the crypto-currency race in some way, “The Enigma Source” sends readers on a wild ride.

In the tenth installment of the “Enigma Series”, readers who enjoy a technology thriller may want to pick this book up.  Although it is part of a series, “The Enigma Source” can be listened to without previously picking up the other books. However, not having prior knowledge of the series may hinder the overall enjoyment and understanding of the story.  The multiple storylines and point of view also make the book hard to follow and keep up with that is doing what, where and when.  However, for those who have enjoyed the other books in the series, “The Enigma Source” will not disappoint. 

Mr. Shoales brings great energy and emotion to this next installment in this series.  It is obvious he is comfortable in this world and with the recurring characters having narrated other books in the series.  Although the storytelling is enjoyable, listeners may find it hard to keep track of what is happening with the constant changing of storyline, point of view, and timeline.  As an audiobook, “The Enigma Source,” may leave one who is not familiar with the series confused.  On the one hand, if listeners are already knowledgeable on this world they will enjoy the journey.

Amy Cefoldo