The Enigma Rising (The Enigma Series, Volume 2)

Breakfield and Burkey,
Narrator: Derek Shoales

TECHNO THRILLER:  The R-Group, a secretive European family-run operation with ties to major governments is asked by a Brazilian magnate to locate his missing daughter. Meanwhile in the deserts of Mexico, brothers Juan and Carlos, decide to get out of low-level drug dealing and create a new market of helping drug lords relocate themselves and their assets before federal authorities can arrest them. A chance encounter between Carlos, his new lady-love and vacationing R-cyberoperatives sets events in motion that will cause the business operations of each to intersect. Banking fraud, embezzlement, the operations of a porn producer, identity laundering and the fate of an heiress round out this entertaining international thriller.

There is a great deal to recommend “The Enigma Rising:” its colorful characters, quick dialogue and constant intrigue. In an audio format, the number of characters introduced at the start makes it difficult to keep them straight as did the similarity of names. For example, Juan, a Mexican name, and Won for a Chinese character sound the same. Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable audiobook and listeners will find themselves drawn to the various characters and invested in the final outcome.

“The Enigma Rising” is narrated brilliantly by Derek Shoales. With a cast of characters that spans from Europe, to North and South America, and China, Shoales smoothly offers up one accent after another, creating distinct voices that will resonate with the listener. While the number of accented voices at the start may be unexpected, the superb narration throughout enhances the storytelling experience and is worth listening until the end. 

Tricia Hill