The Enigma Ignite (The Enigma Series, Volume 3)

Breakfield and Burkey,
Narrator: Derek Shoales

TECHNO THRILLER:  In the third installment of the Enigma Series, the focus is on battlefield communications and the application of nanotechnology. Unfortunately, more than one agency or set of actors is determined to be first in this technological competition. Su Linn, a Chinese professor of animal husbandry holds the key to bringing this technology to field combatants. As the R group, a private European group that leverages information and technology, works to protect the professor and provide the necessary code, a subcontractor and his assistant, Eilla-Zan, are kidnapped by Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists. It's a race against the clock not only to save the hostages but to find a time bomb in the code before it's too late to save their people or the mission.

“The Enigma Ignite” starts off with a bang, throwing the listener right into the action. While characters from book 2 return, this story centers on the technology developed by Su Lin and the fate of Eilla-Zan. At times, the technology may feel heavy for the non-techy person, but without the tech, the story would fall apart. This go-around, the authors take the readers through a gamut of emotions, reaching a depth not achieved in book 2. Moreover, the likability of the characters combined with witty dialogue make this a strong addition to the series.

Derek Shoals delivers another outstanding professional performance. He seamlessly moves from one accent to another and offers up the emotion in key scenes that will keep listeners glued to their headphones. “The Enigma Ignite” is pure entertainment.

Tricia Hill