The Enigma Gamers - A CATS Tale (Enigma Series Book 7)

Breakfield and Burkey

Narrator: Derek Shoales


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Chairman Chang in Macau and Dmitry Vasnev in Moscow are causing technological havoc by playing games with a supercomputer and taking over essential computer processes all over the world. The result is total chaos in separate instances involving airplanes, mining equipment, distribution centers, police departments, businesses, and even the city of Barcelona, Spain.  Cloaked in anonymity, they are demanding stiff ransoms to keep from destroying even more property by playing these games again. The CATS crew, the R-group, and supercomputer ICABOD are working together all over the globe to try to get to the bottom of this chaos and figure out how to stop it.  

There are multiple story lines running concurrently in this audiobook.  The characters are numerous, and the dialogue is intelligent, interesting, and often fun.  This story flows at a rapid pace for much of it, and seemingly unconnected events often turn out to be important. There are multiple details for the listener to remember, which can get challenging.  Fortunately, many of the characters are present throughout this series.  Each audiobook in this series stands alone, and the authors do a wonderful job of introducing each character, even if the listener is familiar with the series.  More importantly, the introduction to each character helps the listener who isn’t familiar with the series. 

The narrator does an excellent job of portraying multiple characters from all over the world in this exciting techno-thriller!  The accents from Russia, China, U.S., Spain, and other areas sound realistic.  The Australian accent is a little weak but is still clearly Australian.  Each character has a unique voice, and the narrator successfully portrays this.  The audio quality is clean as well as consistent.  The narrator readily conveys emotions and keeps the story moving at a reasonable and sometimes breakneck pace.

Carey Sullivan