Reviews - Audiobooks

The Last Train, Volume 1 (A Tokyo Mystery)
Michael Pronko,
Narrator: Robbie Belgrade

MYSTERY:  A foreigner falls in front of a Tokyo express train. A woman walks away. Did he jump or was he pushed? Detective Hiroshi Shimizu is called to the scene, his English skills in demand. Normally a fraud investigator, Hiroshi has a nose for following the money, a useful trait as the investigation tracks the moves of the dead real estate wheeler and dealer.

Tempus Investigations: A Fictional TV Show
Claus Holm,
Narrator: Neil Hellegers

PARANORMAL:  Former Chicago PD detective Jim Corrigan "died" in 1933 only to discover he is an immortal who can communicate with spirits. In present day San Francisco, he's a private investigator and occasional consultant to the SFPD on cases with a distinct supernatural taint to them.

Greg F. Gifune,
Narrator: Steven Jay Cohen

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Cameron Horne has a normal life. A beautiful wife, a great job, and a wonderful home. When a young man who seems to be able to predict the future shows up in Cameron’s backyard, a lot of strange things begin to happen.

When Tinker Met Bell (A Nocturne Falls Universe Story)
Alethea Kontis,
Narrator: B. J. Harrison

YOUNG ADULT/PARANORMAL:  Bellamy Merriweather Larousse is a beautiful, popular fairy in the town of Nocturne Falls. So why is she hanging out with the misfits? One of those misfits is Tinker, one of the Lost Boys of the Goblin Kingdom. Unbeknownst to him, he’s about to be crowned the new Goblin King. Once he is forced to leave Nocturne Falls, he won’t be allowed to see Bellamy again.

TECHNO THRILLER:  When multiple computer systems around the world are infected with something called “The Ghost Code”, chaos ensues as an unknown hacker gains control over their systems. Created by the mysterious Mephisto and Callisto, the code is almost impossible to trace or remove.