The Enigma Factor (The Enigma #1)

Charles V Breakfield,
Roxanne E Burkey

MYSTERY/TECHNO THRILLER:  Jacob Michaels is an expert programmer who protects companies from cyber criminals wishing to exploit them. When he finds himself targeted by a hacker collective who tries to blackmail him into helping with their dark scheme, he embarks on a mission with his best friend Buzz, and skilled encryptionist Petra to foil the plot and save the day.  As he gets closer to the truth, he finds that the distinction between good guys and bad guys becomes increasingly hard to define.

Breakfield and Burkey’s joint fictional debut is certainly done with style – after a somewhat slow start, this tense techno-thriller keeps the listener on the seat’s edge, as the roller coaster ride of twists and turns roars into the story’s conclusion with smoke billowing from the brakes!  The authors combine a blistering pace and fleshed-out characters with startling aplomb, ensnaring listeners and pulling them along the dark path of the book.

Steven Jay Cohen is rather a legend in the audiobook world, and his performance here certainly lives up to the hype.  His warm, engaging vocals and meticulous delivery seem to glide effortlessly across the story, drawing the listener in and holding them there through each blistering twist and hairpin turn.  The audio production is professional and highly polished, with nary a background noise or misspeak to be found.

For fans of action, adventure and intrigue with a dash of romance, this is the book to listen to!  Find a cozy sofa and hang on tight while careening through this tale, and be prepared for a satisfying audiobook.

TJ Richards