The Enigma Dragon (A CATS Tale, Enigma Series Book 9)

Breakfield and Burkey
Narrator: Derek Shoales

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  When the heads of an oil company start conspiring with national enemies, the CATS team is called in to investigate. The operatives are split up all across the globe. A group goes to investigate the distribution of the oil company’s products, while another member of the team goes into the heart of the company itself. When she goes missing, the team scrambles to find her. Even with all of their resources, they struggle to do so and fear she is lost for good. Has the CATS team finally met its match? Or will they find a way to take down this newest threat?

Mr. Breakfield and Ms. Burkey keep the momentum of their techno-thriller series going in this latest installation! The character chemistry is strong and real, and it is the strong relationships with each other that truly make this novel! Listeners will experience the same emotions as the CATS team as they go through the ups and downs of their mission and how it impacts their lives. There is a lot of information about technology and politics that is necessary to understand this plot, and the authors are good at explaining them. However, there are moments where the explanations are beaten in a little too hard and it borders on being too much. The constant action of the plot and the banter between the characters makes this a book that is hard to put down.

Like in past installments, Derek Shoales brings all of the characters to life. His accents are incredible, and his ability to give everyone their own personality— including the side characters — is impressive! His performance brings the novel to life.

This is a great series for lovers of adventure mixed with just the right amount of romance, and this latest addition is a great one!

Chelsea Andersen