The Enigma Broker (Book Eight, The Enigma Series)

Breakfield and Burkey
Narrator: Derek Shoales

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  The world is on the brink of an economic collapse as the planet’s resources such as oil, copper, and similar commodities drop in value inexplicably. That’s where the R-Group comes in to save the day! Called upon by the CEO of one of the top oil companies, the R-Group has been tasked with trying to find the culprit behind this cyber terrorism. Despite having the best of all technologies at their disposal, the R-Group might have finally met their match in this dark web menace.

“The Enigma Broker” picks up where the other series installments have left off. It begins with high energy and action. All of the characters are well developed, playing on each other’s strengths and weaknesses which makes for an engaging read. The action and intrigue, however, will leave the listener hooked! There’s a great deal of attention to the plot in this novel and it shows. Mr. Breakfield and Ms. Burkey write in a smooth, seamless, voice that makes them a match made in technological thriller Heaven! As in previous books, this one stands alone well enough that anyone can pick it up and know what is going on. There are tie ins to the other novels, though, that make it a treat for fans.

Derek Shoales is becoming one of the great indie book narrators out there, with skills that are on par with some of the best names in the business. His tone of voice, inflection, and characterization skills really bring this story to life.

Highly recommend this series for all readers who love a thrill and an adventure with just the right amount of romance!!

Chelsea Andersen