End of the Road

Karen Michelle Nutt

Narrator: Kelly Jackson


PARANORMAL:  This contemporary story revolves around a rock group from the early 90’s--the Silent Plaids.  Lars Gunner, the group’s frontman, died 23 years ago under questionable circumstances.  His daughter Cecilia was three at the time.  CeeCee starts hearing her father’s voice after finding one of his journals.  After she sees his ghost, she accepts that she can communicate with him. He believes he was murdered and talks CeeCee into getting some answers. He has been waiting two decades to find someone who could see and hear him, when he finally reconnects with his daughter.  Caleb is the son of the female medium that Lars visits before he dies.  She is an authentic medium and warns him about the danger, but Lars is unable to avert the tragedy.  

This is an engaging story with some fun dialogue.  The plot is somewhat predictable, as is the villain in the story.  Nonetheless, it is especially enjoyable to listen to Lars and CeeCee get to know each other as adults and to watch Lars try to understand the technological advances that have occurred since his death.  There are times when the story drags somewhat, leaving the pacing slightly uneven.  The good outweighs the bad, with the banter between father and daughter topping the list of good.  There is some suspense, as the protagonists try to discover what occurred on that fateful night two decades earlier.  

The sound quality of this recording is good, and there aren’t any unexpected noises in the recording.  The story starts slowly, and it builds to a faster tempo as the story deepens.  Unfortunately, the narration is slow and droops in places, with the narrator placing as much emphasis on unimportant details as on the important ones at times.  Fortunately, she does a credible job differentiating between characters.  

Carey Sullivan