Embracing the Earl (The St. Clairs Book 3)

Alexa Aston
Narrator: Price Waldman

HISTORICAL:  Tired of living the life of free spirit, Luke St. Clair, the Earl of Mayfield, is ready to settle down and find himself a bride to cherish and love, much like his brother and sister have done. Letting go of his mistress, he is determined to enter the season with an open mind. A mind that leads him to Lady Caroline Andrews. Her father having died deeply in debt, Caroline uses an inheritance from her aunt to open a tea and bookshop to support herself. She is determined to never marry, but Luke St. Clair might have other plans.

Ms. Aston has a talent for creating richly detailed worlds and characters! Each piece is so real and vibrant, it absorbs the listener into the story until the very last page! Lady Caroline is a strong, independent woman listeners will root for as she finds her footing in the world. Her attraction to Luke is a little too instant, but their chemistry is delightful! The build up to the story does take a little long to get through, which drags the pace of the story down. Once everything comes together, however, it picks up speed and has listeners begging for more.

Mr. Waldman’s performance is full of powerful emotion. His ability to make all of the characters distinct brings the story to life in a whole new way! During some of the slower portions of the book, his pacing keeps the listener engaged in the novel. The more intense moments feel amplified. His narration is a perfect fit for the world Ms. Aston has made!

Listeners who enjoy sensual, instant chemistry, romances won’t want to put this historical down!

Chelsea Andersen