Earl of Darby (Wicked Earls’ Club) (Once Upon a Widow Book 4)

Aubrey Wynne
Narrator: Harry Frost


HISTORICAL/REGENCY:  This story opens with a tragedy that involves Nicolas and his new wife, Alice, who commits suicide on their wedding night. Five years later, Nicolas, who is now the Earl of Darby, is still carrying the guilt of her death, and is seeking redemption by hunting the man who is indirectly responsible for her choice that fateful night in 1814. His bluestocking little sister, Mattie, is about to start her first season in the marriage mart, and one of his best friend’s little sister, Hannah, is as well. His friend asks Nicolas to keep an eye on Hannah, and to stay away from her as well. Naturally, that’s not exactly what occurs.

This is a relatively short audiobook; however, the author gives each character plenty of depth and conflict, so the listener doesn’t feel shortchanged. There is one incident toward the end of the audiobook where Hannah comes across as naïve and lacking ‘street smarts,’ but everywhere else in this story she seems older than her years. She helps Nicolas move beyond his guilt from his first wife, and she is able to help Mattie ‘bloom’ under her care and attention. The pacing and the tension levels seem to be exactly right for this story. This delightful audiobook uses the themes of redemption and healing, and the power of love and acceptance throughout! 

Harry Frost does an excellent job of narrating this audiobook. He is able to differentiate between each of the different characters, and provide a range of accents within the story. Other than the aunt, who often sounded masculine, all of the other voices were believable and appropriate to the story. The recording was clean and crisp sounding, and the pauses were an appropriate length, albeit on the long side. Nevertheless, it is an engaging story!

Carey Sullivan