Reviews - Audiobooks

Apollo’s Raven (Apollo's Raven #1)
Linnea Tanner,
Narrator: Kristin James

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Celtic kings are warring with one another. When the former queen of one those kings is executed for treason, she puts a curse on his reign that will be the undoing of his kingdom. Catrin, the daughter of this king, has been declared the vessel to bring about this disaster. In her visions, she sees a chance to change the future, but at what cost?

The Bedwarmer’s Son
Caryl McAdoo,
Narrator: Lee Ann Howlett

INSPIRATIONAL/HISTORICAL:  “The Bedwarmer’s Son” is a Christian romance novel that spans decades of time. It begins in jail, where William, an ex-slave, is being held for the murder of his half-brother. As he gives his lawyer the history of his family, he also tells the story of his mother Jasmine, an ex-slave purchased long ago to warm the bed of her master at night, and ease his loneliness.

Lisa Becker
Narrator: Suzanne Barbetta

CONTEMPORARY:  Caroline Johnson receives her first purse from her Aunt Mimi along with the advice to “find something you love and hold onto it.” Once Caroline sets up her business as a designer of fashion bags, she decides it's time to focus on her love life. But finding a man is a lot like finding the right handbag. Not all are the right fit and not all last.

Delighted by the Duke
Amanda Mariel
Narrator: Anne Marie Damman

HISTORICAL:  Forced into an engagement with a man she despises, Emma Baxter decides to run away. When the Duke of Radcliffe, a widower, discovers his unexpected stowaway, he’s set on sending her on her way. But his young daughter takes a fancy to the delightful young woman and soon Emma finds herself governess to the young girl.

Montgomery House
Katharine E. Hamilton
Narrator: Karen Commins

CONTEMPORARY:  Liz Montgomery returns to her hometown in Georgia to be closer to her grandmother and to keep her promise to her recently deceased grandfather to renovate the family home. Due to some strange goings on at the house, the only contractor willing to take on the job is Jackson Dean, grandson of the man who broke Liz's grandmother’s heart fifty years ago.