Duke of Charm (Dukes of Distinction Book 2)

Alexa Aston
Narrator: Brian J. Gill

HISTORICAL: Samantha Wallace is heartbroken when her brother’s best friend, George, announces his engagement to another. Looking for a man exactly the opposite of George, she accepts a rushed engagement offer from Viscount Haskett. Samantha’s rushed decision leaves her married but miserable. George finds himself jilted at the alter and begins a path to bed every woman he can find, but no more than three times each as a commitment is something he never wants to make again. Samantha finds herself suddenly widowed and held captive. To avoid being forced to marry the heir of the family, she makes a daring escape. Thrown together at a house party, George determines to make Samantha his. But Samantha has learned that marriage isn’t what she thought and never wants to make that mistake again.

This second in the series tale can be read as a standalone, with readers pulled in from the start. Samantha with her many scars still has an endearing personality and witty humor. Beginning with unrequited love, the story tugs on readers’ heartstrings and doesn’t stop. Each character is unique and distinct. An original story with surprises and twists to keep the pages turning. George and Sam have a spark from the beginning. With Samantha fanning the flames at the start, the tables turn and it becomes an inferno that cannot be put out. It is surprising—and not entirely believable—how quickly Sam lets George into her heart and her bed. Neither can ignore their chemistry, but they both have different ideas of what it should result in, tearing at the readers heart in the best way. A fantastic twisting tale to enjoy anytime!

Brian Gill’s narration is smooth and easy. With an accent that pulls the listener into the drawing rooms of London and makes them never want to leave. The pacing is good, with clear and distinct voices given to each character. Historical romance fans won’t want to miss this sultry listen.

Cara Cieslak