Dragon of the Stars

Alex J Cavanaugh
Michael Burnette

SCI-FI/SPACE OPERA:  Aden Pendar has a happy life laid out in front of him.  Son of a Duke, suitor of the Princess and poised on the cusp of a promotion to Captain, with his own ship to command.  However, when war breaks out with the Alliance, all bets are off.  Pendar must undertake a dangerous mission in search of a legendary missing ship, one with a weapon of devastating proportions.  He has one chance to prove that he is fit for command and able save his people from decimation, but will the fabled ship ever be found - or will he and his crew die trying?

Alex J Cavanaugh has written one of those rare books that one simply cannot put down.  The characters are expertly crafted and the plot moves at the exact pace that best brings out the rich world contained within, and leaves the listener with a sense of longing for a time and place outside of our own small galaxy.

Michael Burnette is a natural storyteller, his warm and engaging tones feel effortless – but his professional grade skills are on point.  Character voices are distinct and believable, and Burnette strikes the right balance of pace and emphasis throughout.  Adding music and sound effects to audiobooks can be a contentious subject, but in this case they add to the atmosphere and are not at all distracting.  

As a good space opera, this little gem did not disappoint!  The expert narration combined with excellent writing and pacing makes for an audiobook that one will find difficult to put down.  The themes explored by the characters — integrity, loyalty, duty and love — are universal subjects that appeal to a broad range, and will certainly earn it a place on one’s top shelf!

TJ Richards