Datta Groover
Narrator: Deva Groover

CONTEMPORARY/INSPIRATIONAL:  Frank MacBride has a tense and challenging relationship with his wife Sofia, which is further complicated by their nonverbal son, Sam, who seems to have a knack for getting into dangerous situations and exhibiting strange behaviors. Sometimes, it’s like he knows things he shouldn’t, and he believes he has the ability to heal others. To make matters worse, Frank’s past is coming back to haunt him. Somehow he must protect his family from those he’d wronged long ago.

Datta Groover has created an intriguing and gripping tale that readers will have a hard time letting go of. The characters are distinct and real with their good points as well as flaws. This makes them easy to connect with as Frank and Sofia try to understand the mystery of their son Sam. There are moments where the story slows down as the author takes the time to illustrate certain details about how Frank and his family live. As everything comes together at the end, readers will be pleased with the time they spent with the MacBrides! Overall, the novel is hard to put down, and it is easy to get lost in Mr. Groover’s captivating way with words.

Deva Groover has an amazing ability to create distinct characters and make them feel real. Unfortunately, throughout the bulk of the novel, a lot of scenes feel slightly rushed. His performance is one that is passionate and connected to the story, however, and it is easy for readers to get sucked into the story itself. This is a great book for readers who love mysteries and deep family dynamics!

Chelsea Andersen