Dickensen Academy

Christine Grabowski
Narrator: Katilin Cohen

YOUNG ADULT/FANTASY:  Autumn Mattison receives an invitation to attend the prestigious Dickensen Academy, and her overbearing parents are more than happy to send her if it means she has a chance to become a straight-A student. Initially, she’s unsure the place is a good fit for her. Then she has a vivid dream and her mind changes. At first glance, Dickensen Academy is like any other boarding school. One night, Autumn learns the truth: Dickensen Academy actually teaches through a method involving dream manipulation. It’s a powerful tool. When used for good, a lot can be accomplished. When used for bad, however, it can be tragic.

“Dickensen Academy” has a lot of unique ideas and a really cool premise! There are things that happen in it that have never been seen before in a YA paranormal romance! Unfortunately, the parts that make it stand out in the genre, aren’t explored fully. Most of the novel revolves around Autumn’s daily life as she struggles to come to terms with her new surroundings, and her new dream manipulation abilities. It causes the story to drag quite a bit. Toward the end, it picks up again as the action picks up as well. The climax and ending are satisfying, and it’s enough to make listeners flock to the next book if there is to be one.

Katilin Cohen’s performance is evenly paced which fits the mood and tone of the novel. Her characterizations are unique, so one doesn’t get lost when listening to dialogue exchanges. There are moments where the performance could use a little more energy, however. Overall, she gives a delightful performance with lots of charm!

This is a great clean romance and perfect for the lover of high school dramas!

Chelsea Andersen