Delighted by the Duke

Amanda Mariel
Narrator: Anne Marie Damman

HISTORICAL:  Forced into an engagement with a man she despises, Emma Baxter decides to run away. When the Duke of Radcliffe, a widower, discovers his unexpected stowaway, he’s set on sending her on her way. But his young daughter takes a fancy to the delightful young woman and soon Emma finds herself governess to the young girl. As she and the Duke grow closer, their chance for happiness is threatened unless the Duke is willing to risk his heart. 

“Delighted by the Duke” is a sweet Regency romance novella that goes down easy. There’s a lot to like about the characters and the story. The short format, however, prevents the duke’s character from being explored fully. Moreover, while a sweet tale, there is little unique about the way this plot develops. Nonetheless, the relationship the Duke and Emma have with his daughter offers many lighthearted moments. 

Anne Marie Damman narrates the story in British tones, affecting the appropriate accent to distinguish the classes. The diction seemed rather stiff and precise at the start as if it were being performed on stage. However, Damman's portrayal of the duke's daughter and her short burst of song underscore a talented professional who creates a quality performance. 

Tricia Hill