The Dead Girl’s Stilettos: A Bexley Squires Mystery

Quinn Avery
Narrator: Victoria Villarreal

MYSTERY:  With a bank account almost empty and desperately needing to find her sister, Bexley agrees to meet with a well-known celebrity about an unsolved murder.  With only a background in journalism, Bexley feels slightly out of her league, but she’s determined to solve the case, find her sister, and get back to her life.  What she does not anticipate is the detective on the case being her childhood crush, Grayson.  Although his charm and good looks stir up old feelings, she will not let them become a distraction as she dives head-first into the mystery.  However, the closer Bexley gets to the truth, the greater the danger, to the point where not only is her life in danger but the future of other girls the killer may desire.

With a little romance, some action, and a whole lot of mystery, “The Dead Girl’s Stilettos” will have readers’ minds spinning to piece it all together before the final reveal.  Bexley is a great leading lady who, with a little sass, just enough self-doubt to make her relatable, and plenty of intelligence, will have readers coming back for more.  Although it may take a little time to get into the story and for all the pieces to fit together, the finish is worth sticking with it until the end.

Already a compelling mystery, Ms. Villarreal brings the story to even higher heights.  Her pacing, character voices, and overall narrative work  combine for a great listen. Dramatic pauses that last slightly too long and slightly overlong chapter breaks may take listeners out of the flow of the experience, but in spite of those few small hiccups, “The Dead Girl’s Stilettos” delivers a great experience for anyone looking for a good mystery to solve.

Amy Cefoldo