Dark Steel: A Dark Sons Novel (De Russe Legacy #7)

Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Brad Wills

HISTORICAL:  Having spent most of her life in a Welsh convent, Grier cannot fathom a life as a wife.  Dane, a fierce knight, loyal to his country and his leaders, pulls the Duke of Shrewsbury out of the marshes during a particularly brutal battle.  Before dying, the Duke, so thankful for Dane’s courage pledges his daughter, the heiress of Shrewsbury, to him.  Dane never wanted to wed but the appeal of his own Dukedom drives him to the convent to marry Grier.  Neither is happy with their situation, but they grudgingly go along with the plan never expecting true feelings to develop. They also don’t expect to face major trials of trust and betrayal, trials that may destroy not only their union but their land as well.

A heartwarming, fast-paced romance, “Dark Steel” will have lovers of a good medieval story on the edge of their seats.  Although one can read this book without having read the rest of the series, one may find it harder to get into the world and its characters.  There is only other issue in an otherwise enjoyable story. At times, more depth and description would take the story to another level. Ms. Le Veque weaves together a beautiful landscape, with interesting characters, creating an experience that is overall enjoyable.

Mr. Wills brings to life the country and the characters with a soothing and entertaining voice.  Although some of his women’s voices and emotions tend to go too far into the “damsel in distress” or “hysterical” direction, it does not ruin the overall experience.  Readers who love a good medieval romance, with steamy moments alongside heartwarming moments, will thoroughly enjoy diving into this audiobook.  Mr. Wills’ voice simply captivates, so listeners will definitely be adding all of his books to their must listen to library!

Amy Cefoldo