Dark Moon (The de Russe Legacy Book 6)

Kathryn Le Veque

Narrator: Brad Wills


HISTORICAL:  This audiobook opens with Benoit de Wilde beating his wife, Lysabel, while Sir Trenton de Russe and his crew of the Crown’s Own Agents are there to capture him for King Henry VIII.  Trenton knows that Benoit will never survive the meeting with King Henry, because the king wants him gone.  Trenton speeds the process up a bit after he figures out that Lysabel is a childhood friend, whom he hasn’t seen in many years.  He returns Benoit’s body to the king, but wonders how Lysabel is faring.  He decides to take some time off to find out, and journeys back to see her.  Unfortunately, Trenton is unhappily married to a woman who wants his money but not him, and they have been apart for years.  

There are clear conflicts in this story:  Trenton falls in love with Lysabel while married to another woman, and Lysabel endures many years of abuse at the hands of her husband, which leaves scars; thus, she has never known the love of a good man.  Since Trenton isn’t free to marry her, what kind of life can he actually offer her and her children?  The ramifications affect her entire family and potentially future generations.  There is a sense of desperation as they try everything they can think of to be together.  

The narrator does an excellent job of portraying each character uniquely; the voices of the children were done so well, it’s hard to imagine that a child isn’t recording in the studio with him.  His tone is incredible, believable, and nearly melodic at times.   When a character is scared, the listener has no doubt about what he is feeling.  This narrator was the perfect choice for this story, and the audio recording quality was top-notch and consistent throughout.  

Carey Sullivan