Dark Flowers

Caytlyn Brooke,
Narrator: Molly MacDonald-Foster

YOUNG ADULT:  Teenager Eliza  was orphaned when she was very young. Unable to stay in any of the homes she has been fostered in, she has found refuge at St. Agatha's School for Girls. However, St. Agatha’s is a horrible place to live with its subpar care and abusive conditions. Desperate to escape, she and her friend Millie make their way through the surrounding swamps to their freedom. They are trading one prison for another as they encounter fairies who promise them the world…for a price. Soon after, Millie starts to exhibit some strange behaviors. Eliza must find a way to break whatever spell has been cast on her friend, and fast.

“Dark Flowers” is a dark fantasy that has all the things needed for a great horror novel. The setting is mysterious, the story full of tension, and Eliza has a rich, complicated past that keeps the reader curious for more. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell certain details of this world. Figuring out how old the characters are is hard to do. One moment ethey are holding dolls and talking like children, and then in the next there is mention of being old enough to live alone in a few years. The setting is ambiguous, which sometimes works to the book's advantage, and other times adds to the confusion. Despite all of this, the plot is gripping and continues to propel the reader forward until the end.

Molly MacDonald-Foster’s performance is fantastic. She is able to make the world and characters come to life with distinct voices. She does a fantastic job of portraying their innocence, yet she also maintains a tone that really ups the dark, creepy vibe needed.

“Dark Flowers” is a good read for anyone looking for something mysterious that will give them the shivers.

Chelsea Anderson