Daring Duplicity: The Wellington Mysteries, Vol 1

Edale Lane
Narrator: Jennifer Lewis

LGBTQ: Stetson Goody is a woman ahead of her time! A woman of many disguises, she poses as her own secretary to a fictional male boss in order to run her own business and solve mysteries as a private investigator. While the business seems to be booming, Stetson hopes to find a moment for a personal life as well. There’s just one problem, her taste in lovers isn’t considered proper for Victorian England. Stetson marches to her own drum, and nothing is going to get in her way…except for perhaps the mystery that might just be her undoing.

“Daring Duplicity” is a collection of fast paced mysteries with plenty of unexpected twists and turns! Ms. Lane does a phenomenal job of immersing readers into the Victorian Era, and it’s easy to want to stay there! Stetson Goody is a fascinating lead! Smart and witty, she does what one must to survive in a world where she doesn’t quite fit in. Readers will easily connect with her personality as well as her personal life. Her many romances through the series of short tales captures her softer side, and does well to show the joys and hardships of being a part of the LGBT community during a time where it was heavily frowned upon. The mysteries themselves are light and quick. They follow a bit of a formula, but it doesn’t take away from the overall fun of the stories!

Ms. Lewis does a remarkable job bringing readers into Ms. Lane’s world! She’s passionate and connected to the book in performance. She does some great accents and has created some distinct and dynamic voices for the characters. The pacing is great and follows the rise and falls of the drama for each novella in the collection. It’s a read that is hard to put down!

This is a great listen for lovers of Sherlock Holmes mysteries, and LGBT stories!

Chelsea Andersen