Dagger's Destiny

Linnea Tanner
Narrator: Kristin James

HISTORICAL/FANTASY:  War is looming over the tribes in ancient Britannia as each wants to claim power over the land, all while the Romans are ready to invade. The King’s daughter, Catrin, is accused of treason, having fallen in love with Roman soldier Marcellus. Her punishment? Death, unless she can prove her loyalty by turning into the warrior who will thwart the prophecy that was spoken over her father: one that foresees his death and the Romans taking over. When Catrin and Marcellus are reunited at last, she is faced once more with the question: do her loyalties lie with love or with country? Together, they must find a way to save their love and her people.

“Dagger’s Destiny” picks up right where the first book “Apollo’s Raven” leaves off. The author does a bit too thorough of a job recapping the events from book one. The first few hours of the book are all retelling the events, and there are moments where it can get repetitive in the narrative as listeners are told multiple times what has occurred and why. Once the story gets going, however, it gets going. Fast paced, romantic, passionate, and tragic in moments, Marcellus and Catrin have a story that is gripping and seductive.

Kristin James’ narration gets stronger in this novel. Her accents are better and more appropriate for the setting, and her characters become more crisp and easier to differentiate. She has a great voice and it helps keep the listener glued to the story.

Fans of paranormal romance will love this latest edition to the Apollo’s Raven series.

Chelsea Anderson