Cozy Bumpkin Stories

Eric Bergstrom
Eric Bergstrom

INSPIRATIONAL/HUMOR:  “Cozy Bumpkin Stories” is a series of ten tales all centering on the community of Simple. There’s Chief Leroy who is on a quest to defend the melting-pot community from the divisions of society. Destiny, one of the locals is looking to find her belief in life and love once again. Then there’s Jack’s quest to see Mable’s hidden tattoo. Will Holler ever escape the disgrace of his past? Join these characters and more in this cozy and charming collection.

Eric Bergstrom does indeed create a cozy set of tales with this collection of short stories. While listening, one feels connected to the characters of the seemingly random tales that do indeed all tie together toward the end. While the focus may be on one character, others who already starred in an earlier story, or will have a chance to shine in a later one, will be just as alive and vivid in stories not their own, driving the book forward.

As a performer, Bergstrom adds a very intimate touch to his narration. Not all of his characterizations are clear throughout—particularly when it comes to female or villainous characters—but he gives a lot of heart in his performance. It is reminiscent of sitting around a campfire, or sitting out on the front porch, and swapping life stories with friends. His tone suggests he has a fondness for the people he is speaking about, and that tender touch really adds to the experience.

This is a great listen for anyone who is looking for something light and uplifting, intimate and real. Fans of small-town series will also get a lot of enjoyment from this string of stories.

Chelsea Anderson