Clover House

Alan Cuthbertson
Gaynor M Kelly

CHICK-LIT:  Residents at the council-run Clover House are there because their parents, family and community can no longer deal with their behavior.  Leo French’s 8-year stay has been uneventful so far, until he meets new resident Julie Sykes.  After uncovering Julie’s secret, Leo uses what time and resources he has to make her wishes come true – he just wasn’t aware that it would involve everything from foreign travel to theft, even to attempted murder!


Alan Cuthbertson’s second novel is a well-written and wild ride!  The gentle touches of humor at even the darkest moments in the story are just enough, and the twists and turns will keep one’s headphones glued to one’s ears.  It is difficult at the beginning to work out the general age range of the characters; however this is eventually made clear and puts an end to any confusion.  The pacing is particularly enjoyable and the listener is constantly wondering what could possibly happen next!


Gaynor M Kelly has a lovely warm and calming voice, and is able to roll with the levels of snark as needed.  The audio levels seemed a little low, and cranking the volume up then produced a mild issue with sibilance, but not so off-putting that it derailed the enjoyment of the production.  Often throughout the performance one can hear her smiling which added an authentic touch to the happy moments in the story.  This audiobook is a pleasure to listen to, and easily earned its 4 star rating.  Recommended for anyone who enjoys the juxtaposition of a laugh-out-loud tear jerker that will keep you hooked from the start!


TJ Richards