Anne McAneny
Laura Jennings

MYSTERY:  In this engaging romp through a tiny swamp town, Chloe Keyes, intrepid small town reporter, is up to her neck in strangeness.  An assignment to write a simple article about the events of a week 12 years ago threatens to upend the entire town, and sassy Chloe is smack dab in the middle of everything.  Will Chloe be able to unravel the mystery that haunts her childhood and has followed her to the present day, and maybe save the soul of the community in the process?

Anne McAneny does it again with another masterful tale to add to her collection!  This book was an absolute treat, with sizzling action and 3-D characters that draw one in early and never let one go.  Engaging writing coupled with sassy dialogue is a winning combination here, and will keep one up at night to find out how it ends.  Ms. McAneny paces the action perfectly and makes the reader feel as if they are there trying to solve the mystery with the characters.

 Laura Jennings gives a polished and earnest performance, and it pairs perfectly with the “you aren’t the boss of me” attitude of the main character, Chloe.  Jennings is able to balance the fine line between reading and performing seamlessly, and is a great choice for this book.  Laura Jennings is one to watch, and more great performances are sure to follow.

This audiobook was thoroughly entertaining, and has already been recommended to a few friends.  Fans of intrigue, suspense, small town mysteries and kick-ass heroines are sure to adore this book, so make sure to add it to your collection ASAP!

TJ Richards