The Chemist

Alan J Field,
Eric G Dove

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  The first in the Daniel Strong Series, “The Chemist” is a fast-paced thriller packed with action and intrigue. When a drug-addicted genius chemist creates  a 100% lethal neurotoxin equivalent to the atom bomb, the race is on to stop the sale before it falls into nefarious hands. Daniel Strong, a Delta Force veteran who has plunged into the depths of his own depression and addiction, must answer the call of his country to stop this plot and keep the likes of sadistic terrorist Sabir, who will stop at nothing to obtain the toxin and use it, from wreaking havoc on the world.  Will Danny be able to save the day before it’s too late, or will his growing feelings for the chemist prove to be too much of a distraction?

Alan J. Field certainly knows how to write an action-packed thriller! This story doesn’t just hook the listener’s interest, but puts them in a headlock and drags them into it before one can say “neurotoxin”. Listeners will hardly be able to stop, and why should they? The characters, dialogue and story are smart, witty and tense, with the multiple twists and turns keeping one begging for more.

Eric G. Dove is the absolute perfect narrator for this story; his warm voice is like honey in the ears!  He is able to convey each character and emotion in an authentic way that makes listeners completely forget they are listening to an audiobook; the experience is more like a movie – he is that good.

If listeners want an audiobook experience with action, intrigue, terrorists and romance all rolled into one – this is exactly that audiobook. Alan J. Field and Eric G. Dove are a powerhouse combo and the future looks bright for this series!

TJ Richards