Charlotte Redbird, Ghost Coach (Cat Paw’s Cove 10)

Sharon Buchbinder
Narrator: Rebecca Winder

Former life coach Charlotte Redbird isn’t sure what to do. Her business is in shambles, and she needs to get out of Chicago. After venturing to Florida to be closer to her family, she wins a small fortune at the horse races, therefore has what she needs to start fresh. Her new start manifests itself in unexpected ways in the town of Cat Paw’s Cove. There she connects in unexpected ways with realtor Dylan Graham, who happens to awaken a gift hidden within her. One that allows her to communicate with citizens who’ve died… and have plenty of unfinished business to attend to.

Ms. Buchbinder has created a vivid world of adventure, sass, and romance in this fun novella! Cat Paw’s Cove is brought to life in the tenth installment of this series. While the book reads as a standalone, readers will benefit from reading previous adventures to fill in some of the gaps concerning the town and the characters in it. Charlotte is bright and fun, full of energy, and easy to connect with. She’s easy to root for! Dylan is charming and patient. He’s easy to fall in love with—definitely swoon-worthy! His relationship with Charlotte instantly blooms with simmering heat. Despite this, they handle their connection in a realistic and satisfying way. While the novella is a fun read, it could be a tad bit longer to fill in some of the holes. Readers are going to crave more!

Ms. Winder gives a great performance! She shines in her portrayal of Charlotte, capturing her spunk, intelligence, and compassion perfectly! Her male characters don’t sound hokey or stereotypical. Side characters have their own unique tone or voice, making them easy to tell apart. Every high and every low is shown with realism, and it’s clear Ms. Winder has connected with the world she so wonderfully brings to life.

This is a fun story for lovers of town series, paranormal romance, and quick adventures!

Chelsea Andersen