Cash Valley

Ryan K. Nelson
Narrator: Matyas Job Gombos

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  FBI Agent Travis has been assigned the Cash Valley bank robbery. It's been about a year since the robbery and everything leads to a dead end — until a phone call changes everything. In Logan, Utah, Travis meets Jack Pepper, a young man who tells a tale that will rip the case wide open. It is the 1950s and being half-white and half-Mexican, Jack has always been an outsider in the town where he grew up. None of it mattered to Kate Austin, daughter of a local judge, and his best friend. As friendship blossoms to romance, they stumble onto a gang of bank robbers. It is only through Jack's ingenuity that they escape. But the bank robbers are back and they aren't going to leave until they settle a score with Jack. All Jack wants is to settle in Logan and have a future with Kate and if it means taking the fight to the bank robbers, he'll do what a man has to do.

"Cash Valley" has all the ingredients of an old-fashioned Western set in 1950s America. Agent Travis is the clean-cut G-man, working diligently at his job. As soon as Travis meets Jack, it's Jack's story. The underlying appeal of good versus evil, of the underdog fighting for justice, will capture the listener's attention and have them rooting for Jack and Kate. The suspense starts slowly but soon ratchets up, and finally culminates in an exciting climax. The setting and time of "Cash Valley" make this a welcome addition to the suspense/thriller genre and to one's audiobook library.

Matyas Job Gombo offers a professional narration, altering his voice to suit the characters. He makes use of pacing and intonation to bring the story to life. Overall, Gombo's narration delivers a satisfying and gripping listening experience!

Tricia Hill