Captivated By a Vampire (Immortal Hearts of San Francisco, Book 2)

Susan Griscom
Narrator: John York, Gracia Gilland

PARANORMAL:  Chelle Masterson is accidentally turned into a vampire after a lustful encounter with Lane. Having come from a troubled past involving the murder of her parents, Chelle is at first excited by this new turn of events. As her master, Lane has placed a great number of rules on her to make sure she stays safe in her new lifestyle — rules that grow tiresome quickly. When he finally frees her from him, she takes it and runs into the arms of Josh Barrett. Josh is a news reporter who finds Chelle intriguing. What will he do when he discovers she is actually a vampire? And will he help her sort out the mystery of her parents' death on top of that? 

Ms. Griscom has created an exciting installment of the series in “Captivated by a Vampire.” This novel takes the vampire genre and spins it around, providing a fresh take! Chelle and Josh have a hot romance from the very beginning. What begins as lust develops into something much stronger as they move forward together. The beginning of the novel has a few hiccups with repetition of information, but by a quarter of the way in everything falls into place and it becomes the kind of book a listener cannot put down!

John York and Gracia Gilland make a fantastic team. Both bring all of the characters to life perfectly. Ms. Gilland has a slightly better pacing in her performance, but both are able to carry the story from beginning to end, keeping it exciting and impossible to pause!

This is great for those who love steamy romances and those who love paranormal twists!

Chelsea Andersen