The Captain's Christmas Promise (Griffin Force #2.5)

Julie Coulter Bellon
Narrator: Tristan Wright

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Colt Mitchell and Brenna Wilson leave Syria for Canada, after a long and stressful period of time hunting unsuccessfully for a wanted Syrian terrorist. Their boss makes them take the break; however, within minutes of landing in Canada, Brenna has guns pointed at her head via the bodyguards of the son of a Kuwaiti diplomat, Jassim. After things calm down and everyone leaves the airport, they discover that Jassim and his bodyguards have been attacked, and he is nearly dead. To prevent a diplomatic nightmare, they decide to use their skillset to help. Unfortunately, there is a Russian assassin on their tail who refuses to give up. Jassim gives them a cryptic message, and Colt and Brenna need to figure out what it means and how it fits into the bigger picture before it is too late.

Despite the abbreviated novella length, there are a lot of details imparted within this story. It is a continuation of a prior story, The Captain (Griffin Force #2). This audiobook stands alone, yet might be a richer experience with knowledge of the prior volume. Nonetheless, the pace is rapid and the tension is high throughout. There are some lighter moments that add brightness and joy to the story and pull readers deeper into caring more about the fate of these protagonists. Conflicts are evident within this story, yet there is a deeper sense of responsibility and gravitas that presents itself during the telling.

Tristan Wright is the perfect narrator for this audiobook. He brings a distinct voice to each character in the story, deftly navigating the various accents, ages, and sexes portrayed throughout the tale. The production quality is high, and there aren’t any unexpected noises present in the recording.

Carey Sullivan