Breakwater (The Mer Chronicles, Book 2)

Errin Stevens,
Narrator: Sean Posvistak

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  The seaside town of Griffins Bay, a community of sirens, finds itself in flux. Immediately after the death of two siren monarchs, political unrest has everyone wondering who will lead them next if a rightful heir isn’t located. Meanwhile, some of their members can’t keep their eyes off the local human women, in direct opposition to the rules of their kind. As fated mates dance around potential romance, a scheming siren puts plans in motion to reveal his kind to the world and take his place as ruler. Only by coming together can the sirens of Griffins Bay stop this madman’s plot for domination.

Told from at least a dozen character perspectives, “Breakwater” will certainly feel like the contemporary fantasy that it is. Though each member of the cast is unique, the head-hopping perspectives fail to follow any single character with any real depth or emotional investment and leans heavily on internal dialogue and exposition rather than allowing action or conversation to drive the story. Readers may also struggle with the very real problematic element of sirens being able to take away other character’s agency, consent, and memories by exerting the allure they know they have. Rather than selling the fated-mates trope, in “Breakwater” it feels forced and nonconsensual as the humans are overwhelmed and unable to make decisions for themselves. Stevens does, however, have a lovely narrative voice and flow that would otherwise be perfect in this genre.

Narrator Sean Posvistak is energetic in his performance but could be described as frenetic in how he approaches the narrative. With inconsistent voicing for the massive cast of characters and a decided lack of meaningful pauses or intonation to pump up the tense moments throughout, his delivery loses its punch.  

Amanda Lyn