Breaking His Code (Away From Keyboard, Book 1)

Patricia D. Eddy
Narrators: Kale Williams, Lisa Zimmerman

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  “Breaking His Code” steeps the listener in the world of computer coding at the same time it weaves a compelling romance between two vets scarred physically and emotionally from their wartime experiences. Cam Delgado is a programmer who lives and breathes code, yet shies away from emotional attachments. West Sampson is an ex-Seal who doesn’t give up. As both traverse the minefield of a new relationship, Cam comes to grips with her inability to open up, even as she races to track down a hacker out to destroy her work, while West goes on a rescue mission, wondering if he will survive to tell Cam how he really feels.

While the story revolves around coding, at heart, “Breaking His Code” is a military romance between two vets. The set up needs a clearer explanation of Cam's job, her role on VetNet, and her disability. Moreover, in an audio format, the texts were initially difficult to understand. Despite that, Cam and West's romance heats up the pages. Ms. Eddy treats the subject of PTSD and the problems faced by vets with sensitivity and depth. This is a promising start to a series.

The story is narrated by Kale Williams as West and Lisa Zimmerman as Cam, who provide professional narration in a high-quality production. Each chapter is done in one point of view with more chapters in Cam's POV than in West's. Though Cam is Mexican-American and West makes reference to her slight accent, this is not apparent. However, Zimmerman’s emotional performance will have listeners rooting for Cam from start to finish. Williams gives a credible performance as West, though the high-pitched tone chosen to narrate Cam didn’t match with Zimmerman’s portrayal. Both narrators bring “Breaking His Code” to life and make it a worthwhile listening experience.

Tricia Hill