Blends (The Crescent Lake Winery Series, #0.5)

Lucinda Race
Narrator: Lisa Beacom

Sam Price must put his dreams on hold because of his mother’s illness worsening. Some things are a blessing in disguise, though. He’s found contentment in working at the family vineyard, and he’s gotten a chance to build a relationship with his high school crush. Overwhelmed by her parents’ ambitious plans for her life, Sherry Jones is desperate for a way out. That comes in the form of a flat tire, and Sam. In him, she can see the potential for all of her dreams to come true. First, she must find the courage to defy the path her parents have set for her.

“Blends” is a delightful prequel to an ongoing series. This novella is a sweet tale of two people getting a second chance to find love in one another. Sam and Sherry’s relationship is a beautiful slow burn, rich with chemistry and development. The narrative is more character driven than drama infused. For some readers that will be a breath of fresh air, but others might find it a slower paced journey. While this book is short, Ms. Race makes every word in it count, drawing readers in and letting them revel in the world she’s created. By the time the story is over, readers will be craving more!

Ms. Beacom has a lovely voice that is easy to listen to. She provides a steady narration throughout the story. In some more heightened and emotional moments, that can make the book drag. However, in the slower sections of the story, it helps keep the book moving. Ms. Beacom does a fantastic job of bringing out the characters’ feelings and personalities. Her female characters in particular are incredibly well performed. The male characters were less passionate and harder to differentiate, unfortunately. Overall, the production quality of “Blends” is well done!

This is a great read for anyone looking to get their feet wet in a new series, and lovers of sweet romance!

Chelsea Andersen