The Billionaire’s Rebellious Lover (The Maxfield Brothers #2)

Leslie North
Connor Brown

Daisy is an environmentalist out to change the world. Gabe is a loyal son that just took over the family construction company, Duncan Enterprises. When Daisy goes on the attack, claiming Duncan Enterprises is not as "green" as they have portrayed themselves to be, Gabe strikes a deal with the beautiful tree hugger, giving him one month to prove Daisy is wrong before she goes public.

Author Leslie North excels at character development. The characters are hands down the best part of this story. Daisy, although naive, is lovable and her desire to improve the world is admirable. Gabe, being a peacekeeper in his own right, is always trying to appease and nurture.  While easily connecting with the characters, the listener might have trouble connecting to the storyline. There are times it is rushed, skipping through scenes that one would want to delve into.  Also, there are times it is too drawn out, making it difficult to find the passion behind the words. It is a quick and easy listen, however, and there is always a place for audios like this. 

The narrator, Connor Brown, has a very smooth voice and a likable tone, but he also has a monotonous quality that can cause listener’s minds to drift and not stay involved in the story. The sound standard is good, with only slight volume issues from editing.  It is easy to tell where retakes are inserted, but it is not enough to deter from the listening pleasure, making this audio a fluid listen. 


Misty Walker