The Bedwarmer’s Son

Caryl McAdoo,
Narrator: Lee Ann Howlett

INSPIRATIONAL/HISTORICAL:  “The Bedwarmer’s Son” is a Christian romance novel that spans decades of time. It begins in jail, where William, an ex-slave, is being held for the murder of his half-brother. As he gives his lawyer the history of his family, he also tells the story of his mother Jasmine, an ex-slave purchased long ago to warm the bed of her master at night, and ease his loneliness. What spans the pages that follow is an epic tale of unconditional love and having faith in something bigger.

For an inspirational book, “The Bedwarmer’s Son” is nicely balanced with its lessons in faith as well as having a gripping and intriguing plot. William senior and his bedwarmer Jasmine have instant chemistry. The romance itself is built in a believable fashion, creating a balance for the story as well as adding depth. Jasmine is a strong woman and easy to love. In the scenes that take place in “the present” (1928), there’s a new love story brewing involving the lawyer, creating a cast of characters to root for.

Lee Ann Howlett’s performance is passionate. The feelings of all the characters are accurately portrayed. There are moments when the pacing feels off. The story transitions between a scene from the past and one in 1928 occasionally jumble together. All of the different characters are portrayed diversely so it is always clear who is speaking.

Overall, “The Bedwarmer’s Son” is a great listen for anyone looking for a deeply inspirational love story. This book is highly recommended for lovers of Christian fiction.

Chelsea Anderson