Beautifully Undone

Susan Griscom,
Samantha Summers, Lester Clanton

NEW ADULT:  Melody Stevens, her brother Teddy and Asher Beaumont have been best friends since they were very little.  Asher lost his father when he was young and just recently his mother. He doesn’t want much from life, just to write and perform his music. Thankfully he has his two best friends. Melody has been in love with Ash forever, and she doesn’t believe her dreams and fantasies where he is concerned will ever come true. Melody has never dated, but she has decided now that she’s in her 20s, it’s time. She has someone in mind, but Ash abhors him and decides to take matters into his own hands to help her lose her V-card. Will her fantasies about Ash come true now?

Friends to lovers, oh my! Yes, they have issues but who doesn’t. The story told from dual points of view, switching chapter to chapter. One understands from the get go that Mel and Ash belong together, but some of the arguments get to be a bit redundant. Also, the story is quite predictable without much angst to ramp up the emotional aspect. The side story of Ash and his step-brothers adds depth and keeps the reader’s interest.

“Beautifully Undone” is narrated by Samantha Summers and Lester Clanton. Ms. Summers does a wonderful job with Melody but at times her voice sounds much younger than the character. However, she enunciates well, and it’s easy enough to tell when she changes characters. Mr. Clanton voices a decent Asher, however, a little more emotion could have been put into the voice of the character. The audio production was spot on, and makes this one to give a listen to.

Lynne Bryant