Bay of Fear (Battle Lords of de Velt Book 3)

Kathryn Le Veque

Narrator: Brad Wills


HISTORICAL:  This story starts on the coast of Cornwall, England in 1060, when a mute man and his wife are blamed for and terrorized because of a plague overtaking the village near his castle. Over two hundred years later, Baiadepaura Castle is reputedly haunted and cursed, after spending most of that time empty.  The Earl of Tiverton wants to send Tenner de Velt and a small army to Baiadepaura Castle to repair it, occupy it, and keep it away from the pirates who are using it as a staging area for their nefarious activities.  Tenner is awaiting the arrival of his betrothed, Lady Annalyla St. Lo, and is hesitant to take any woman to such a potentially dangerous place.

This audiobook grabs the reader from the start.  The opening scene is heartfelt and tragic, and this story is very difficult to put down!  It moves at a rapid pace throughout, with a few pauses for lighthearted banter to enter.  The world building is well-done; it is very easy to imagine each scene, and believe the actions being taken.  The dialogue seems natural for the time, and the protagonists are very likeable.  The unexpected ending and the way things get wrapped up is a true delight.  This audiobook has many hidden gems within it that will delight the listener.

The narrator does an amazing job of bringing this story to life.  His voice inflections are rendered so beautifully that the reader doesn’t even question how a man can make the voice of a woman sound believable.  His interpretation of Tenner, Annalyla, and Mother Angel (the chaperone) deliver the right amount of compelling storytelling.  The sound quality of the recording is good, and there aren’t any unexpected noises on the recording.  

Carey Sullivan