The Barnstormer

Jane Lewis
Narrator: Dawson McBride

HISTORICAL:  Frankie Howard is an aerobatic pilot working with his best friends in rural Saplingville, Georgia during the late 1930’s.  He flies small groups of passengers to various destinations, he gives flying lessons, and he offers group rides over the town on the weekends.  One of his best friends is Victor Douglas, older brother of Ruth Ann Douglas.  Ruth Ann has been flirting with Frankie and other young men around town.  Her behavior is immature and flighty, as if she can’t make up her mind to like or to hate Frankie. Naturally, he is confused and they argue often.  When Ruth Ann goes away to acting school in Atlanta, Frankie figures she is a lost cause, and marries the first woman who shows interest in him.  

This audiobook evokes a simpler time, where family is an essential part of life, and people spend quality time caring for each other.  This story is set at a time when women are gaining more independence and wanting to be educated beyond the role of wife and mother.  The pacing is just right for this audiobook, and the narrator does an excellent job of conveying the atmosphere of this era.  

Dawson McBride offers the perfect voice for this story!  Put on some comfortable slippers, grab a soft blanket, and relax into this audiobook.  Picture a favorite uncle telling this tale.  His voice is deep and rich, and as smooth as silk, and sets the mood for this story.  His narration includes many little nuances that help define each character.  His pacing conveys the mood of the story perfectly.  The production quality of this audiobook is high and there aren’t any unexpected noises on the recording.  This book is a delightful listen!

Carey Sullivan