Bad Bloods: November Rain

Shannon A. Thompson
Jonathan Johns


YOUNG ADULT:  At 17, Serena is used to being an outcast. When she escapes from a prison designed to hold “bad bloods” until their execution, it sparks a revolt of bad bloods throughout the city of Vendona. Befriended by a fellow bad blood named Daniel, Serena walks a fragile line between the Southern Clan and the Northern Clan. Meanwhile an election is being held in the city, rife with political corruption.  Can Serena and Daniel work together to influence the election and secure bad bloods' rights to be seen as human again? Will their unlikely young romance withstand the trauma of deep, dark secrets being revealed?

Author Shannon A. Thompson has woven an intricate tale of prejudice, bravery, corruption and love. Her capable character building engages listeners with those who live in the shadows of Vendona, fervently avoiding detection and capture. Ms. Thompson’s use of imagery and apt descriptions draw one into the scene, evoking the feeling of being a fly on the wall, watching it all enfold.

Narrator Jonathan Johns is confident in his delivery, and his pacing is good. His engagement with the text is also good and he conveys suspense and emotion well. However, he does not clearly differentiate characters and often the listener will have to think hard on which one is speaking. The other detractor that may pose a challenge to listeners is the British accent. Overall, however, Mr. Haynes is a capable narrator worth a second listen.

The production quality of this audiobook is pristine. Absolutely no background noise and excellent consistency of sound levels make it distraction-free. The author wrote three more books in the series, and hopefully they make it to audio soon, as the storyline is well worth following.

Leslie Smith, Guest Reviewer