Azabu Getaway (Detective Hiroshi series, Book 5)

Michael Pronko
Narrator: Peter Berkrot
SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Tokyo detective Hiroshi Shimizu finds himself in unfamiliar territory when one of Japan’s highest respected and ranked executives is murdered. Just as he’s making progress, another murder takes place and two girls are kidnapped in a seemingly unrelated case. The further he investigates the incident, the more he realizes that this might not be true. As he dives deeper into the hidden parts of Japan’s financial world, he discovers that world is much darker than it seems and it extends beyond their borders.
Full of suspense, “Azabu Getaway” is the detective novel, mystery readers crave! A solid procedural novel that is part of the Detective Hiroshi series, readers can enjoy it as a standalone adventure. Detective Hiroshi Shimizu is a dependable character that is easy to like. There are moments in the story where the flow is a little slow. Mr. Pronko uses that pacing to help build the ambiance of the book. There is great attention to detail both in how Detective Hiroshi goes about his case as well as the cultures present in Japan. The story shines the most in its layers of details that teleport readers to Tokyo. Overall, it is a satisfying and thrilling experience!
Peter Berkrot gives a strong performance. The narrative sections are his strongest. With his acting, the slower portions of the book keep moving as he commands the pacing of the tale. His portrayal of Detective Hiroshi is excellent! The male side characters are better performed than the female ones. There are a lot of accents and a lot of character changes that are performed seemingly with ease. Tone and quality of the recording are well produced. A great listen!
This is the perfect story for a dark night, cozied up in blankets, when one is in need of amysterious adventure!
Chelsea Andersen