Reviews - Audiobooks

Charlotte Redbird, Ghost Coach (Cat Paw’s Cove 10)
Sharon Buchbinder
Narrator: Rebecca Winder

Former life coach Charlotte Redbird isn’t sure what to do. Her business is in shambles, and she needs to get out of Chicago. After venturing to Florida to be closer to her family, she wins a small fortune at the horse races, therefore has what she needs to start fresh. Her new start manifests itself in unexpected ways in the town of Cat Paw’s Cove.

Perilous Gambit (A Mike Stoneman Thriller)
Kevin G. Chapman
Narrator: Kevin G. Chapman

SUSPENSE: The last thing Jason Dickson wants to do right before his big Vegas wedding is solve a murder. Unfortunately, he can’t get his wish because the murder happened in Vegas and the prime suspect is his bride’s brother. With the help of his friend Mike Stoneman, Jason sets out to clear his future brother-in-law’s name.

HISTORICAL MYSTERY: This amazing story weaves fact and fiction together seamlessly; it is hard to remember that this is fiction. The bulk of Sherlock Holmes’s career is well-documented; however, this audiobook delivers a fictional account of the heartbreaking beginning and the incredible ending of Sherlock Holmes’s life.

Gambling on Her Dragon (Shifters in Vegas Book 1)
Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne

PARANORMAL: Wolf shifter Trey Dixon visits Las Vegas and is such a good poker player that he wins $90,000.00 in one night. Unfortunately, that makes him a target. Kaya Proulx is a dragon shifter, and she does what she can to save him from those targeting him, but in the end, she steals his money to save her sister, and leaves him on his own to escape the ruffians—which he does.

Susan: A Jane Austen Prequel
Alice McVeigh
Narrator: Heather Tracy

HISTORICAL: Set after “Pride and Prejudice” but before “Emma”, many of Jane Austen’s characters show up in “Susan”, with the backstory of “Susan” being the focus. Susan Smithson is a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl who is too clever for her own good. When she is accused of improprieties, she is expelled from her boarding school and sent to her aunt and uncles’ home in London.