Anticipating Temptation

Randi Perrin
Narrator: Xe Sands

CONTEMPORARY:  Char Brown is overweight and overworked in a job that doesn’t appreciate her. When her long term boyfriend, who is too ashamed to bring her home to Mom, breaks up with her, Char’s world starts to crumble. Then she is asked to review Darryl Drummond’s new winery, and her whole life changes. The only thing Darryl seems to be more passionate about than wine is her. Scars from the past are still on the forefront of Char’s mind. Will she be able to let go of the pain and give in to the possibility? 

“Anticipating Temptation” is a brisk, beautiful, novella. Listeners will find it hard to put down. The chemistry between Char and Darryl is so real, it adds a magic to the romantic moments and makes them that much more swoon worthy. Char is incredibly relatable and makes for a strong female lead who still holds on to all of her femininity. She is the average woman rather than a superhuman perfect person. Insecure, yet she knows when and how to draw on her inner strength when needed. Darryl is the kind of guy who is wonderful, yet not in an over the top sort of way. Everything about “Anticipating Temptation” is put together perfectly. The pace and length of the story are spot on. Ms. Perrin does an amazing job of making every word count.

Xe Sands narration is emotional. Her performance feels deeply connected to the novella, making it hard to disconnect until all of the story is heard. Every character has their own distinct voice, making it easy to connect with each one—even the smaller side characters who don’t get as much time.

This is a perfect listen for fans of contemporary romance, or any story that is full of heart!

Chelsea Anderson