Reviews - Audiobooks

The Wayward One (De Montfortes Brothers, Book 5)
Danielle Harmon
Narrator: Wayne Farrell

HISTORICAL:  Lady Nerissa De Montfortes, youngest coddled sibling of the Duke of Blackheath, accompanies her brother Lord Andrew to a demonstration of his latest invention, an explosive that will give the Royal Navy advantage over the rebellious Americans. Before the night is through, Lady Nerissa is abducted by an Irish rogue, a Captain in the Continental Navy.

Updrift (The Mer Chronicles, Book One)
Errin Stevens,
Narrator: Sean Posvistak

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Kate Sweeting's life changes when she and her widowed mother move to a small coastal town in North Carolina and meet Gabriel Blake and his family. Gabe and Kate grow up together, but there are many secrets surrounding the Blake family.

Maybe This Time (A Second Chance Romance)
Susan B. James,
Narrator: Stephanie Bentley

TIME TRAVEL:  For her birthday, Jen never expects to travel back in time from London 2001 to 1988. She certainly doesn't expect to come face to face with "he who shall never be named" -- her ex-husband. Lance accompanies Jen back to 2001 only to learn that Jen's brother doesn't know how to send him back. So, they jump forward five years to find the answer.

Fairytale Christmas (The Fair Folk Saga 1)
Merrie Destefano,
Narrator: Sally Hanan

PARANORMAL:  Thousands of years ago, a war broke out between the mortals and immortals. Eire is Queen of the Faeries, and “Fairytale Christmas” tells the dramatic story of how her kind was exiled from Ireland. The story tells of the dangers she faces as she tries to survive a war against enemies determined to kill not just her, but her entire family.

Breakwater (The Mer Chronicles, Book 2)
Errin Stevens,
Narrator: Sean Posvistak

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  The seaside town of Griffins Bay, a community of sirens, finds itself in flux. Immediately after the death of two siren monarchs, political unrest has everyone wondering who will lead them next if a rightful heir isn’t located. Meanwhile, some of their members can’t keep their eyes off the local human women, in direct opposition to the rules of their kind.