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The Paradise Planets: The Fallen From Paradise
Shaun Barrowes
Narrator: Maya Tuttle and a Full Cast

YOUNG ADULT: Kassiana has always known a life of privilege on the planet of Nemal. As part of the Paradise Planet system, she’s also always known that all sirens must partake in the siren games. Because of her status, she’s never thought much of it… then she is taken from home and forced to live on Earth as a lower status citizen.

House of Secrets: Every Room Holds a Story
Members of the Ohio Writers Association
Narrators: Members of the Ohio Audiobook Narrators

ANTHOLOGY: Like The Twilight Zone of years past, this audiobook will leave listeners thinking about these stories long after the book is complete. Some of these 26 stories will force readers to reevaluate their perception of a situation. Secrets are everywhere and can sometimes harm others; sometimes they harm self; but rarely do they harm none.

Motion of Intervals
Kristy McGinnis
Narrator: Amy J. Johnson

CONTEMPORARY: Kenna Shepherd is the daughter of America’s sweetheart – Tessa Shepherd – and has always lived in her mother’s shadow. When a mistake gets her expelled from school and publicly shamed, Kenna knows her mother will never let her hear the end of it. She needs an escape, and that comes in the form of an email from the woman who birthed her: Rachel.

The King of Gems
Jim Cronin
Narrator: Jack de Golia

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: This story starts with a bang, as the Chandran starship Equinox is struck by an asteroid while mapping an unexplored region of the galaxy. With no hope of rescue, the survivors hatch a daring plan to download the ‘essence’ of each crewmember into a nearby digital network before they all die.

Tempting the Sheriff (Sherwood Forest Shifters Book One)
Anna Lowe
Narrator: Kelsey Osborne, Chris Merlin

PARANORMAL: The famous Robin Hood is actually a woman! Robynne Hood, who is a fox shifter, made outlaw after standing up for what she believes in! When her brother, Robert, and his Merry Men decide to rob a carriage which is full of ladies of the court, they rope in Daniel, the acting Sheriff of Nottingham. Daniel is Robynne’s mate, and a dragon shifter.